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ExLing 2019 is the 10th edition of the International Conference of Experimental Linguistics and takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, 25-27 September 2019, under the auspices of Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa.

ExLing is a unique international event aimed at bringing together professionals applying experimental and computational methods in their study of language and promoting the exchange of ideas on innovative approaches to the study of language.

All experimental disciplines and subjects with reference to the study of language are considered relevant to the conference, including speech production, speech acoustics, speech perception, experimental phonetics, experimental morphology, experimental syntax, experimental semantics, cognitive linguistics, neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, discourse analysis, textual studies, applied linguistics, and language therapy.

Keynote speakers will outline the state-of-the-art of main areas of experimental linguistics and discuss with participants respective aspects of current research and methodological approaches.

What’s wrong with Gricean pragmatics
Bart Geurts

Empirical analyses of sound change
Jonathan Harrington

Linguistic adaptation
Marc Swerts

The Conference programme will contain a series of keynote lectures in combination with oral and poster sessions as well as special thematic sessions and group discussions. Group discussions, in particular, are Informal meetings where ExLing participants may get to know each other and exchange ideas in a constructive milieu. Group discussions are a central concept of ExLing workshops and focus on the development of joint projects and international collaborations among ExLing participants. 

All papers of ExLing 2019 will be included in the 10th volume of the ExLing proceedings series. Selected papers will be organized in a volume and will be submitted for publication to Springer. Furthermore, a special issue will be submitted to Speech Communication with selected papers whereas, in accordance with discussions and related interests, additional special issues may be submitted to further specialised Journals.

Researchers and research groups regarding experimental linguistics and related disciplines are welcome to submit abstracts at ExLing 2019 conference.


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