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Guidelines for oral presentations

The time slot for an oral presentation is 20 minutes, including discussion. A talk should, therefore, not exceed 15 minutes. The room for oral presentations will be equipped with a multimedia PC running Windows, which has a CD/DVD drive, Microsoft PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader available. You may bring your presentation on a CD or on a USB flash drive. In case you have doubts about your presentation being properly displayed by the available equipment, please check it as soon as possible in the preparation room.

Only a limited number of papers will be presented as oral sessions.

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Guidelines for poster presentations

General information
Poster sessions provide an optimal forum for discussion and exchange of ideas between presenters and their audience. Ideally, a well-constructed poster will be self-explanatory and free you from answering obvious questions so that you are available to supplement and discuss particular points of interest. Successful poster presentations are those which achieve both coverage and clarity. Each poster display should include the title and the name(s) of the presenter(s). It must be mounted clearly at the top of the poster. Extensive, imaginative use of captioned illustrations, photographs, graphs or other types of visually appealing material is the point of a poster presentation. Lettering needs to be large enough to read from several feet away.

The suggested size for each poster is 120 (height) x 90 cm (width) (47.2 X 35.4 in), but you may also create a smaller poster format. The Organising Committee of the Conference will provide push pins and a display board. Please bring other materials you may need such as a tape or line level. You may find it useful to have on hand a tablet of sketch paper and suitable drawing materials to assist in your explanations to observers. Please note that it is not possible to write or paint on the poster boards.

Location and time
Each poster is part of a session and will remain in place for at least one hour. For best results, please set up your poster presentation 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Plan on an exciting interaction with your "audience". Poster sessions are an innovative and challenging way for you to present your data and new ideas and to meet colleagues in a creative setting.

The majority of papers will be in poster presentations.

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