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Call for papers

This Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics is under the auspices of the International Speech Association (ISCA) and the University of Athens, to be held in Athens, Greece, 28-30 August, 2006. The general goals of the Workshop are to bring together researchers of linguistics and related disciplines in a unified context as well as to discuss the development of experimental methodologies in linguistic research with reference to linguistic theory, linguistic models and language applications.

The following disciplines are related to the Workshop:
1. Theory of Language
2. Cognitive Linguistics
3. Neurolinguistics
4. Speech Production
5. Speech Acoustics
6. Phonology
7. Morphology
8. Syntax
9. Prosody
10. Speech Perception
11. Psycholinguistics
12. Pragmatics
13. Semantics
14. Discourse Linguistics
15. Computational Linguistics
16. Language Technology

The workshop will focus on the following major topics:
I. Lexicon
II. Sentence
III. Discourse

Submission of abstracts covering constituent elements and structures of lexicon, sentence and discourse, including basic linguistic categories such as segments, syllables, words, phrases and discourse units, are invited with reference to the aims of the Workshop.
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