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Abstract submission guidelines
A contributor in the workshop may be a single author of only one paper and may be the co-author of two additional papers. Submitted abstracts of max 500 words (one page) will be reviewed in accordance with the following criteria:

Significance: Does this study address an important problem?
Innovation: Does the study employ novel concepts and aims or original methods?
Approach: Are the conceptual frameworks, designs, methods, and analyses adequate?
Usefulness: How can the research objectives benefit the respective scientific area?
Clarity: How clear and well-organized is the presentation?

Abstract layout guidelines
Title of paper
The title of the paper should be as short and as close to the general content of the paper as possible. Subtitles should be avoided. No names of authors in the abstract and best no more than 4 authors. The length of the abstract should be no more than 1 page, including references.

Object of study
You may start your abstract with a short description of the object of study/investigation as well as the theoretical context. Best to state your questions/hypotheses in simple terms – avoid terminologies and/or scientific jargon that are too technical. In short: What have you done?

Summarise your methodology in terms of its main aspects, such as subjects, materials, technological context and whatever you consider essential for the readers to follow your work. In short: How have you done it?

Summarise your results in a straightforward way. Best to present your main results in relation to your questions/hypotheses. Avoid details, including statistics, which might require considerable thinking by the reader/reviewer. In short: What have you found?

From your results, you should draw conclusions that are as explicit as possible.

References in abstract submissions are optional and it is best to avoid them altogether. Instead, you should focus in this short space on (1) what you have done and (2) what you have found, i.e. your own work, rather than the work of others.   
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Paper submission guidelines
The length of the paper should be four (4) pages. The margins of the document, i.e. File>Page Setup>margins, are Top 5 cm, Bottom 5,5 cm, Left 4,5 cm and Right 5,5 cm in an A4 paper size, Header 4,2 cm and Footer 4,7.

Author’s kit

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