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Language Technology Exhibition

The ExLing Society organizes a Language Technology Exhibition in the context of the annual ExLing Conference. All private and public institutions, as well as companies, research groups and individual researchers, are invited to submit proposals for their participation in the exhibition and related activities of language technology interests.

Linguistic research and language technology are pivotal in the development of fundamental applications for critical aspects of modern life. Alongside the development of smart language processing tools and communication systems for spoken written and signed language, significant advances have been made within language education (programming, performance and evaluation) and language pathology (diagnosis, evaluation and rehabilitation), among other areas.

Our ExLing Society promotes language technology applications and supports initiative attempts and start-ups relating to the design and development of language teaching and language pathology in a unified linguistic research and language applications context.  

The aims of the Language Technology Exhibition are:

  • To bring together experimental linguistic research and language application prospects.
  • To promote interdisciplinary research and advance language application in a unified context.
  • To encourage collaboration between linguistic technology research and industry by attracting innovative start-ups.
  • To inform the ExLing Society and the wider international scientific community about current language application developments.
  • To establish a forum of discussion on prospects and visions for future endeavors.
  • To enlighten the scientific community and the general public about the benefits of language technology applications, especially in central areas of language education and language pathology.

Interested researchers and research groups are invited to participate in the Language Technology Exhibition and present their technological applications in an interdisciplinary and collaborative context. 


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