The ExLing conferences will henceforth be a combination of onsite physical meetings and online virtual meetings. Furthermore, ExLing conference presentations, upon the consent of respective participants, will be uploaded in the ExLing YouTube channel.

The ExLing 2020 conference, under optimal conditions, in case the COVID-19 pandemia has subsided and effective cure/vaccine is available in due time, will be carried out as planned, i.e. 12-14 of October 2020 in Athens.

Alternatively, the conference will be confined to a live stream online conference, according to which participants will present their respective research and discuss related results with the conference audience.

There are no plans for any postponement of the conference and thus abstracts and respective conference papers may be submitted in the usual process as scheduled.

The final decision with reference to whether there will be only an online conference or a combination of an online and an onsite conference will be taken in late summer in accordance with the prospective public health conditions.

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