Tutorial lectures

There will be regular tutorial lectures in the context of which established professionals in diverse areas of experimental linguistics will be invited to present their current research and exchange ideas with ExLing Society members.

In addition to the Advisory board and the ExLing Administration in general, members of the ExLing Society may propose tutorial lectures and participate in the setting up of the programme in the context of the interests of experimental linguistic disciplines.

The lectures will, as a rule, take place on the last Friday of the month at 16.00 GMT in the afternoon. The duration of a lecture will be 1 and 1/2 hours, i.e. about one hour for the lecture and 1/2 for discussion, and any lecture participant may be involved.

Preliminary tutorial programme 20/21

Fall semester
25/09/20, 16.00
30/10/20, 1600
27/11/20, 16.00
18/12/20, 16.00
29/01/21, 16.00

Spring semester
26/02/21, 16.00
26/03/21, 1600
30/04/21, 16.00
28/05/21, 16.00
25/06/21, 16.00


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