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ExLing 2006 (59)

David N. Caplan
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0002/000002

Quantal phonetics and distinctive features
George N. Clements and Rachid Ridouane
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0003/000003

A new trainable trajectory formation system for facial animation
Oxana Govokhina, Gérard Bailly, Gaspard Breton, Pauls Bagshhaw
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0004/000004

Topics in speech perception
Diane Kewley-Port
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0005/000005

Spatial representations in language and thought
Anna Papafragou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0006/000006

Sensorimotor control of speech production: models and data
Joseph S. Perkell
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0007/000007

Phonological encoding in speech production
Niels O. Schiller
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0008/000008

Experiments in investigating sound symbolism and onomatopoeia
Åsa Abelin
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0009/000009

Prosodic emphasis versus word order in Greek instructive texts
Christina Alexandris and Stavroula-Evita Fotinea
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0010/000010

Gradience and parametric variation
Theodora Alexopoulou and Frank Keller
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0011/000011

Stress and accent: acoustic correlates of metrical prominence in Catalan
Lluïsa Astruc and Pilar Prieto
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0012/000012

Effects of VV-sequence deletion across word boundaries in Spanish
Irene Barberia
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0015/000015

Production and perception of Greek vowels in normal and cerebral palsy speech
Antonis Botinis, Marios Fourakis, John W. Hawks, Ioanna Orfanidou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0016/000016

Pre-glottal vowels in Shanghai Chinese
Yiya Chen
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0017/000017

Distinctive feature enhancement: a review
George N. Clements and Rachid Ridouane
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0018/000018

Where the wine is velvet: Verbo-pictorial metaphors in written advertising
Rosa Lídia Coimbra, Helena Margarida Vaz Duarte and Lurdes de Castro Moutinho
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0019/000019

Measuring synchronization among speakers reading together
Fred Cummins
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0020/000020

Formal features and intonation in Persian speakers’ English interlanguage wh-questions
Laya Heidari Darani
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0021/000021

The effect of semantic distance in the picture-word interference task
Simon De Deyne, Sven Van Lommel and Gert Storms
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0022/000022

Melodic contours of yes/no questions in Brazilian Portuguese
João Antônio de Moraes
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0023/000023

The phonology and phonetics of prenuclear and nuclear accents in French
Mariapaola D’Imperio, Roxane Bertrand, Albert Di Cristo and Cristel Portes
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0024/000024

The influence of second language learning on speech production by Greek/English bilinguals
Niki-Pagona Efstathopoulou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0025/000025

Aspectual composition in Modern Greek
Maria Flouraki
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0026/000026

Investigating interfaces: an experimental approach to focus in Sicilian Italian
Raffaella Folli and Elinor Payne
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0027/000027

A corpus based analysis of English, Swedish, Polish, and Russian prepositions
Barbara Gawronska, Olga Nikolaenkova and Björn Erlendsson
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0028/000028

Evaluation of a virtual speech cuer
Guillaume Gibert, Gérard Bailly and Frédéric Elisei
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0029/000029

Broad vs. narrow focus in Greek
Stella Gryllia
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0030/000030

Incremental interpretation and discourse complexity
Jana Häussler and Markus Bader
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0031/000031

Dynamic auditory representations and phonetic processing: The case of virtual diphthongs
Ewa Jacewicz, Robert Allen Fox and Lawrence L. Feth
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0032/000032

Syntactic abilities in Williams Syndrome: How intact is ‘intact’?
Victoria Joffe and Spyridoula Varlokosta
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0033/000033

On learnability and naturalness as constraints on phonological grammar
Hahn Koo and Jennifer Cole
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0035/000035

Prosody and punctuation in The Stranger by Albert Camus
Mari Lehtinen
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0036/000036

An acoustic study on the paralinguistic prosody in the politeness talk in Taiwan Mandarin
Hsin-Yi Lin, Kwock-Ping John Tse and Janice Fon 
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0037/000037

Analysis of stop consonant production in European Portuguese
Marisa Lobo Lousada and Luis M.T. Jesus 
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0038/000038

Towards multilingual articulatory feature recognition with Support Vector Machines
Jan Macek, Anja Geumann and Julie Carson-Berndsen
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0039/000039

Prosody, syntax, macrosyntax
Philippe Martin
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0040/000040

Effects of structural prominence on anaphora: The case of relative clauses
Eleni Miltsakaki, Paschalia Patsala
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0041/000041

Speaker based segmentation on broadcast news- on the use of ISI technique
S. Ouamour, M. Guerti and H. Sayoud
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0042/000042

The acquisition of epistemic modality
Anna Papafragou and Ozge Isik Ozturk
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0044/000044

Towards empirical dimensions for the classification of aphasic performance
Athanassios Protopapas, Spyridoula Varlokosta, Alexandra Economou and Maria Kakavoulia
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0045/000045

Analysis of intonation in news presentation on television
Emma Rodero
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0046/000046

Templates from syntax to morphology: affix ordering in Qafar
Pierre Rucart
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0047/000047

Processing causal and diagnostic uses of so
Sharmaine Seneviratne
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0048/000048

Acoustics of speech and environmental Sounds
Susana M. Capitão Silva, Luis M. T. Jesus and Mário A. L. Alves
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0049/000049

Romanian palatalized consonants: A perceptual study
Laura Spinu
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0050/000050

Formal expressive indiscernibility underlying a prosodic deformation model
Ioana Suciu, Ioannis Kanellos and Thierry Moudenc
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0051/000051

Animacy effects on discourse prominence in Greek complex NPs
Stella Tsaklidou, Eleni Miltsakaki
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0053/000053

Formality and informality in electronic communication
Edmund Turney, Carmen Pérez Sabater, Begoña Montero Fleta
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0054/000054

All roads lead to advertising: Use of proverbs in slogans
Helena Margarida Vaz Duarte, Rosa Lídia Coimbra and Lurdes de Castro Moutinho
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0055/000055

Perception of complex coda clusters and the role of the SSP
Irene Vogel and Robin Aronow-Meredith
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0056/000056

Factors influencing ratios of filled pauses at clause boundaries in Japanese
Michiko Watanabe, Keikichi Hirose, Yasuharu Den, Shusaku Miwa and Nobuaki Minematsu
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0057/000057

Assessing aspectual asymmetries in human language processing
Foong Ha Yap, Stella Wing Man Kwan, Emily Sze Man Yiu, Patrick Chun Kau Chu and Stella Fat Wong
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0058/000058

Toward a rich phonology
Robert Port
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2006/01/0059/000059