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ExLing 2010 (49)

Language difficulties in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Paraskevi Agapitou, Ioannis Galantomos, Georgia Andreou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0001/000121

The impact of order and aspect in processing of causally linked sentences
Joanna Blochowiak, Jacques Moeschler, Thomas Castelain
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0004/000124

The prosody of the TV news speaking style in Brazilian Portuguese
Luciana Castro, Ben Serridge, João Moraes, Myrian Freitas
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0005/000125

Perceptual cues for sentence intonation in Greek
Anthi Chaida
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0006/000126

Text punctuation and prosody in Greek
Anthi Chaida, Elina Nirgianaki, Eleni Panaretou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0007/000127

Coarticulation of consonant clusters in Italian learners
of French
Sonia d’Apolito
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0008/000128

Algerian Arabic rhythm classification
Ghania Droua-Hamdani, Sid Ahmed Selouani, Malika Boudraa, Wladyslaw Cichocki
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0010/000130

Acoustic correlates of nasopharyngeal resonance
Marios Fourakis, Heather Karlsson, Christie Tilkens, Lawrence Shriberg
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0011/000131

Dialect and generational differences in vowel space areas
Robert Allen Fox, Ewa Jacewicz
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0012/000132

Evaluating languages functions in a trilingual setting
Ioannis Galantomos, Georgia Andreou, Fotini Anastassiou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0014/000134

Production of inflectional morphology in a child with moderate hearing impairment
Thalia Hatzivasiliou, Marianna Hatzopoulou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0015/000135

How learning to read and write influences the dialectal traits in -sC clusters
Isabel Henriques
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0016/000136

Tarascan dialectal and generational differences around aspirated stops
Francisco Javier Bucio García
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0017/000137

Boundary-related durations in Modern Greek
Evia Kainada
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0018/000138

Action and object naming in mono- and bilingual children with language impairment
Maria Kambanaros, Kleanthes K. Grohmann, Eleni Theodorou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0019/000139

Is that a bnik I see? Testing phonotactics using word-picture matching
Vsevolod Kapatsinski, Lamia Haddad Johnston
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0020/000140

Embedded aspect in L2 acquisition: Evidence from L1-Russian learners of Greek
Sviatlana Karpava, Kleanthes K. Grohmann
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0021/000141

Evidence for depression and schizophrenia in speech prosody
Roi Kliper, Yonatan Vaizman, Daphna Weinshall, Shirley Portuguese
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0022/000142

The effect of cochlear implants on phonological acquisition
Evaggelia Lazarou, Marianna Hatzopoulou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0023/000143

Contextual information in (non) native speech perception in noise
Bin Li, Ratree Wayland, Caicai Zhang
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0026/000146

Sandra Madureira, Zuleica Antonia de Camargo
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0027/000147

A dynamic view of the prosodic structure: The example of French
Philippe Martin
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0028/000148

Acquisition of lightverbhood: Evidence from Cypriot Greek
Paraskevi Mavroudi, Evelina Leivada, Anna Epistithiou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0029/000149

Phonetic factors influencing /l/-rhoticisation in Greek
Daniela Müller
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0030/000150

Perception of "tonal focus" in Greek
Olga Nikolaenkova
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0031/000151

Acoustic structure of fricative consonants in Greek
Elina Nirgianaki, Anthi Chaida, Marios Fourakis 
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/32/000152

Towards an articulatory characterization of European Portuguese /l/
Catarina Oliveira1, António Teixeira2, Paula Martins3
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0034/000154

A complexity science perspective on language spread
Michał B. Paradowski
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0035/000155

Inda mbu, nambu or ine ti pu? Acquiring complex structures in Cypriot Greek
Natalia Pavlou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0036/000156

Two languages – one brain
Maija S. Peltola, Henna Tamminen, Laura Salonen, Heidi Toivonen, Teija Kujala, Risto Näätänen
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0037/000157

How context affects perception: judging distress & linguistic content in forensic audio recordings
Lisa Roberts, Peter French
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0039/000159

Intonational strategies for backchanneling in Italian Map Task dialogues
Michelina Savino
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0040/000160

Improving intelligibility of synthesized speech in noise with emphasized prosody  
Sunil R. Shukla
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0041/000161

There is more to chat discourse than written conversation
Cláudia Silva
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0042/000162

Visual attention during L1 and L2 sounds perception: an eye-tracking study
Bianca Sisinni, Mirko Grimaldi, Elisa Tundo, Andrea Calabrese
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0043/000163

Pause ratio effect in emotion ascribing
Eszter Szabó
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0044/000164

Prosodic evidences to sentential negation in Brazilian Portuguese
Lílian Teixeira de Sousa
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0045/000165

Focus prominence and tonal alignment in Athenian and Cypriot Greek
Charalambos Themistocleous, Stelios Kyriacou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0046/000166

Narratives in Cypriot Greek mono- and bilingual children with SLI
Eleni Theodorou, Kleanthes K. Grohmann
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0047/000167

English communication skills for prospective English teachers in Japan
Yuichi Todaka
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0048/000168

Morphological productivity in Maltese verbs
Alina Twist
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2010/03/0049/000169