New York:

ExLing 2017 (31)

Using robots to study speech – interactional processes and speech functions
Kerstin Fischer
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0001/000303

Accent phrases and brain waves
Philippe Martin
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0002/000304

Syllable as a synchronization mechanism
Yi Xu
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0003/000305

Loanwords stress and intonation in Algerian Arabic
Ismaël Benali
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0004/000306

Modelling prosodic structure using Artificial Neural Networks
Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Charalambos Themistocleous
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0005/000307

Syllable phonology and constituency temporal production in Greek
Antonis Botinis, Evgenia Magoula, Olga Nikolaenkova, Athina Tsiori 
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0006/000308

The entrainment of EEG delta oscillations in speech listening
Victor J. Boucher, Annie C. Gilbert, Boutheina Jemel 
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0007/000309

Open vs. closed syllable phonology and temporal production in Greek
Anthi Chaida, Ilectra Dimoula, Evgenia Magoula, Olga Nikolaenkova
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0008/000310

Surveying Greek language instructors’ beliefs about metaphor teaching
Ioannis Galantomos
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0009/000311

Producing appropriate prosodic cues in a non-dominant language: preliminary results from French-English bilinguals
Annie C. Gilbert, Max Wolpert, Shanna Kousaie, Shari R. Baum
DOIÖ 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0010/000312

Posh accent and vocal attractiveness in British English
Li Jiao, Chengxia Wang, Cristiane Hsu, Peter Birkholz, Yi Xu
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0012/000314

Acquisition of L2 English adverb placement by L1 Russian and Greek Cypriot speakers
Sviatlana Karpava
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0013/000315

Substantial factors for decision-making in syllabification in Russian
Galina Kedrova, Valentina Kolybasova
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0014/000316

Affricates and affricated consonants in Aromanian spontaneous speech
Anastasia Kharlamova
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0015/000317

The prosodic structure in Basque
Mélanie Lancien, Philippe Martin
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0016/000318

Comparing syntactic development in adolescents’ written texts
Maria Liakou, Georgia Andreou, Fotini Anastassiou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0017/000319

An acoustic study of Mandarin rhotic suffix
Anqi Liu
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0018/000320

Verb argument structure effects on tense: evidence from aphasia in Greek
Fani Nasika
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0019/000321

Using PRISM to profile semantic ability in Greek
Fani Nasika, Katerina Afantenou, Georgia Kremmyda
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0020/000322

Syllable phonology and cross-syllable temporal production in Greek
Elina Nirgianaki, Athina Kontostavlaki, Olga Nikolaenkova, Maria Papanagiotou
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0021/000323

Modelling politicians' phono-styles with TTS
Carmen Patricia Pérez
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0022/000324

Prosodic contours of migrant learners of French
Darya Sandryhaila-Groth
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0023/000325

The dynamics of prosodic adaptation between Italian conversational partners
Michelina Savino
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0024/000326

Long vowels in Mongolian
Yumei Sang
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0025/000327

Methodological challenges in investigating nominalized infinitives in Spanish
Barbara Schirakowski
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0026/000328

Integrating incoming information into discourse model in Tunisian Arabic
Marwa Mekni Toujani
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0028/000330

Effects of part of speech: Primitive or derived from word frequency?
Chengxia Wang, Yi Xu
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0029/000331

Prosodic focus in three northern Wu dialects: Wuxi, Suzhou and Ningbo
Bei Wang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yi Xu, Hongwei Ding
DOI: 10.36505/ExLing-2017/08/0030/000332