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The paramount event of the ExLing Society is the annual International Conference of Experimental Linguistics (ExLing Conference), which rotates in different countries. In addition, in an international context, Research and Collaboration Workshops may be organised along with seminars and education activities in the broad area of experimental linguistics.

The roots of ExLing Conference go back to 1997, with the first ESCA (now ISCA) Tutorial and Research Workshop on IItonation in Athens, Greece, succeeded by the following ExLings:

1st ExLing 2006, Athens, Greece
2nd ExLing 2008, Athens, Greece
3rd ExLig 2010, Athens, Greece
4th ExLing 2011, Paris, France
5th ExLing 2012, Athens, Greece
6th ExLing 2015, Athens, Greece
7th ExLing 2016, Saint Petersburg, Russia
8th ExLing 2017, Crete, Greece
9th ExLing 2018, Paris, France
10th ExLing 2019, Lisbon, Portugal
11th ExLing 2020, Athens, Greece
12th ExLing 2021, Athens, Greece

The vision of the ExLing conferences focuses on the use and development of experimental methodologies for the acquisition of linguistic knowledge and overall language competence. The ExLing conferences place special emphasis on the promotion of interdisciplinary research and international collaboration. A third target of the ExLing conferences is the advancement of state-of-the-art research in the study of language while contributing to the development of scientific expertise for new researchers.

We believe that the development of Experimental Linguistics is essential for the new generation of linguists familiar with modern technology, experimental designs and the use of digital signal processing. This context is expected to provide new insights into various aspects of language and feed solid theoretical hypotheses and considerations.

Our conferences are held in various venues every year for the discussion and exchange of research results and ideas in a friendly environment, for frequent ExLing participants and first-time participants alike. We also place special care in the editing and publishing of ExLing proceedings. The scope of the ExLing conferences reflects the continually broadening scope of experimental disciplines, including new aspects of established disciplines, such as Phonetics and Language Technology, as well as emerging disciplines, such as Neurolinguistics and the study of Language and the Brain.

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